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Letters and statements

Contribution of MVO Platform to hearing on liability, 14 January 2010

January 2010

The MVO Platform was invited by the Commission for Economic Affairs to participate in a hearing on liability which was held on 14 January 2010 in the Lower House.. The MVO Platform gave its response to the research report 'The Legal Responsibility of Dutch Parent Companies for the Involvement of Subsidiary Companies in Breaches of Fundamental, Internationally Recognised Rights’. The MVO Platform also made a number of concrete recommendations.

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Statement MVO Platform - Round Table on Business and Human Rights

November 2009

Statement of the MVO Platform at the Round Table on Business & Human Rights with Gerald Pachoud (Special Adviser to John Ruggie) held in The Hague on the 9th of November, 2009.

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View on Supply Chain Responsibility

October 2008

With this document, the participants in the MVO Platform are laying down their joint vision regarding the subject of supply chain responsibility.

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